The Three Fates, or Morai, have long fascinated me and have been a major artistic motif since the time of the Ancient Greeks.  These three, all-powerful female figures have the power of life and death over mortals and Gods.  Clotho spins the thread of life (akin to the Fairy Godmother figure at the birth of 'princesses' in fairy tales); Lachesis measures or allots the length of life, and Atropos, the Inevitable (often akin to the figure of the Grim Reaper), cuts the thread of life with her shears when the allotted time is up. Whether one believes in Fate or not, references to the Three Fates cannot be avoided in our culture and the matter of life and death, and the threads of destiny, have endless fascination for humans.  For me, they are also inextricably associated with the power of creation, including the complex weaving of narratives which can be undone and re-created at will, ad infinitum.